11 Incredible Lahore Tourist Attractions

11 Incredible Lahore Tourist Attractions

If you’re planning a trip to Pakistan, you’ll no doubt be visiting the country’s capital city, Lahore. As Pakistan’s second-most popular city after Karachi, there is plenty to see and do in and around Lahore.

From countless historic and religious sites, to museums, landmarks and incredible architectural buildings, to beautiful nature reserves and parks, and let’s not forget the fantastic local food and shopping, you are spoilt for choice in Lahore. So much so that it can be overwhelming to decide what to see and do during a trip.

To help you narrow down the options, here is a list of 13 must see Lahore tourist attractions, in no particular order. If you’re in need of some further convincing to visit Pakistan also check out ‘12 Reasons Why You Should Visit Pakistan’.

1. Lahore Fort

Built in 1566, Lahore Fort is an impressive fortress that spans 20 hectares and combines Indo-Islamic and Mughal architecture. As one of the most visited places in Lahore, it’s easy to see why many flock to admire the fort and all it contains. You’ll be able to marvel at the incredible artistic elements, and many mosques, monuments and gardens inside Lahore Fort. For a truly historic experience like no other, Lahore Fort makes the must see list.

2. Liberty Market and Anarkali Bazaar

If you’re a savvy shopper when travelling, and even if you’re not, Liberty market and Anarkali Bazaar are something else. In what is considered the business sector of Pakistan, you can find many bargains on items such as local handmade weaves, jewellery, and other accessories to take home with you. Rather impressive at night time with pretty lights and many diverse shops, it’s not hard to see why Liberty market and Anarkali Bazaar should not be missed.

3. Shalamar Gardens

There is no shortage of history in Pakistan. In Lahore, you can visit the enormous Shalamar Gardens that were constructed in 1641. If you enjoy taking a stroll and admiring gorgeous pruned trees, trickling water fountains, and ancient structures, the Shalamar Gardens are for you. They’re also a lovely spot to visit that offers some peace and quiet from the busy city and loud streets.

4. M M Alam Road and Food Street

It’s time to eat! Finding the best restaurants in Lahore is easy when you take a walk down M M Alam Road and Food Street. Dine on various local cuisines and take in the aroma of delicious dishes while in Lahore. Not only that, you can continue to experience the local culture and history, as M M Alam Road was named after a Pakistan air-force icon, Muhammad Mahmood.

5. Lahore Museum

Seeing Pakistan history is one thing, but learning about it is another thing entirely. At Lahore Museum, you will learn all about Pakistan, with its 20 galleries covering many different elements of the country. These exhibits range from artifacts from the 18th century when the museum was built, all the way up until today. Lahore museum is a place where you can take your time to admire the beautiful paintings and Islamic artefacts, among many other displays of ancient carpets, Gandharan sculptures, and much more. It’s an experience you’re unlikely to forget.

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6. Masjid Wazir Khan

If you excuse the tongue-twister of a name, this must see tourist attraction is a treat. This huge mosque was built in just seven years, although you wouldn’t know it due to the detailed mosaic and colourful tile designs covering its exterior. For a breathtaking photograph, Masjid Wazir Khan is simply perfect.

7. Ali Hajvery’s Tomb ('Dargah Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh’)

Though the word tomb can be a little spooky, Ali Hajvery’s tomb (also known as 'Dargah Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh’) still makes the must see list. Why? This ancient shrine holds a cultural representation of peace. Here, you can find a place of comfort and enjoy the experience of locals praying, as well as distributing food to those around them. Despite potential crowds, you are still able to find peace at Ali Hajvery’s tomb, which is a wonderful experience in itself.  

8. Badshahi Mosque

For another take-your-breath-away architectural structure, Badshahi Mosque is a must. Constructed entirely of red sandstone, this has become one of the world’s most famous mosques. Built in 1694, Badshahi is also impressive because it has a capacity of around 40,000 people. For the locals, this is a highly regarded place of worship.  

9. Minar e Pakistan

A quick pit-stop at Minar e Pakistan will have you laying eyes on an impressive landmark. The structure is a combination of Islamic, Mughal, and Modern designs, which holds cultural significance to Pakistan. This is because it’s the site of the Lahore Revolution, which was passed in 1940. It now stands as a representation of Pakistan’s systems and beliefs, making it a significant must visit.

10. General Post Office Lahore

The General Post Office is not something that immediately comes to mind when travelling. However, Lahore’s General Post Office is rather special. The building stands tall and huge, made from red sandstone and offering an impressive view. Since it was purpose built in the 1800’s, this building tells a story of Pakistan history that visitors won’t want to miss.

11. Lahore Wagah Border

The Lahore Wagah Border is where Pakistan meets India, and is the place to witness a Wagah military event known as the Wagah border ceremony. Dating as far back as 1969, both Pakistan and India have performed this practice simultaneously as crowds gather to encourage and enjoy. It’s a bizarre and interesting cultural event to experience if you’re visiting Pakistan, and one you won’t get anywhere else in the world.

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