The Best Quad Bike Hire in Santorini

The Best Quad Bike Hire in Santorini

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Quad biking is unquestionably the best way to get around and experience Santorini. There are several places to rent a quad bike on the island and we've found the best one.

Located in the centre of Santorini is a local company called Motor Inn. Founded by Charalampos Symponis and Simos Vogiatzis they are a company whose main purpose is customer service and safety. When it comes to vehicle hire in Santorini Motor Inn is as good as it gets and here's 10 reasons why.

Shot with  GoPro Hero 5 . Colour graded with  Adobe Lightroom  using these  presets .

Shot with GoPro Hero 5. Colour graded with Adobe Lightroom using these presets.

1. You will get the exact model that you have booked.

No ifs, ands, or buts. When you hire your quad at Motor Inn you'll get the exact model you paid for. You don't have to worry about getting something "similar". The team at Motor Inn is extremely knowledgeable and honest so you can be sure you won't be messed around.

2. There are no hidden fees or extra costs.

Forget worrying about reading the small print, because there is none. When you deal with these guys you are dealing with professionals. Everything is transparent and all the costs and fees are clearly laid out to you. You can be sure that when you arrive you will be dealing with professionals who want to ensure that you are safe and that you have a great ride and enjoyable time.

3. They have great staff who are always friendly and very helpful.

The staff at Motor Inn are not only extremely efficient, but they are also super friendly and helpful. They will quickly have your quad bike (or any other vehicle you book) ready for you to ride and they will even deliver it to your hotel. They will also give you great recommendations for places to see and visit on the island.  

4. Your vehicle will be delivered with a full tank of petrol.

You won't have to be worried about extra costs for fuel. If you hire a vehicle you can rest assured that it will come with a full tank of petrol.

5. There are great options for insurance.

They offer great options for insurance that are very reasonable and have zero deductible. So you can feel assured that if the unexpected happens you will be covered without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Shot with  GoPro Hero 5 . Colour graded with  Adobe Lightroom  using these  presets .

Shot with GoPro Hero 5. Colour graded with Adobe Lightroom using these presets.

6. You won't have to leave your documents as a deposit.

You won't have to worry about your passport or driving license being lost, stolen or damaged. 

7. You will receive a cleaned and inspected vehicle every time. 

When you hire a vehicle you can be sure that it will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected before every delivery by experienced and qualified staff. There's nothing worse than having to worry about riding a dodgy vehicle around a foreign location.

8. You will have plenty of options of models and vehicles.

Have something specific in mind? Motor Inn offers a wide range of vehicles that will suit any trip around the island. 

9. You can change the type of vehicle during the rental period.

Changed your mind? Not a problem. They will allow you to change the type of vehicle your are hiring during the rental period. There's nothing better than a bit of flexibility!

10. You'll be getting the most experienced service on the island.

When it comes to travel, nothing beats experience. Motor Inn have been in operation for nearly four decades. So you can be sure that these guys know exactly what they are doing.

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