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The Backpack Bloggers Community is a Facebook group for travel bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers of all levels. It is a community where we can all come together to ask questions, share tips and collaborate. It is a community where we can support each other in making our chosen method(s) of sharing into something that can sustain our desires to travel the world and make money while doing so.

Our goal is for this to be an inclusive and supportive community. We value constructive and positive participation and want everyone to come away feeling a step closer to achieving their goals as successful and self-sustaining travellers.

The group was set up by Ryan and Rachel from The Opposite Travellers blog. You can get to know us better here.

The group also runs with the help of our admin Michelle. 

Michelle is in charge of everything YouTube related. Check out her channel here.




1. Be respectful and polite at all times. No exceptions.

2. Don't be a lurker. We appreciate that you are here to learn, but the group will only thrive with active members. Lurkers will ruin the group's engagement levels and decrease the overall visibility of posts to other members. Those who aren't seen to be engaging in the group will be removed.

2. Please introduce yourself in the 'Welcome Thread' here.

3. Go to the members directory and add your information. You can find the directory here.

4. We encourage questions, tips, and conversations of anything related to our communal goal, but please no personal URLs. Your URLs should only be included in your post when it’s absolutely necessary. Adding value to the group can be done 9 out of 10 times without adding your URL. In the odd case that it is necessary, you can message an admin.

5. We will have social media sharing posts throughout the week and the members directory file for adding your blog and social media information so there is no need to post it on the wall.  

Thanks for being a part of the Backpack Bloggers Community. We look forward to getting to know you and your travel story better!



There is a lot going on here at #BPBC, and at first glance the group can look a bit overwhelming. But, once you’re used to everything it’s really quite simple! To help you get more familiar with using the group we’ve put together this simple guide.

1) Make sure you have read and understood the rules.

2) Introduce yourself in the ‘Welcome Thread’ here if you haven't already. 

3) Put all your info and links into the members directory here.

4) Have a question, something to share, looking for advice, or need some support? Post directly onto the wall. Just avoid adding any personal links.

5) Facebook and Instagram threads are posted daily. Post the link of your newest FB post or IG photo in the comments of these threads. Follow the rules of the thread and watch your engagement grow!

7) The YouTube thread is an evergreen thread. Click the link to the thread, follow the rules, share your videos, and watch the views/likes/comments come! The thread can be found here

8) The Blog thread is an evergreen thread too. Click the link to the thread, follow the rules, and watch the readers and comments on your blog increase! The thread can be found here.

9) Pinterest and Twitter threads will be start if/when there is a demand for it. Let us know!

10) Participate! Don't be a lurker. Lurkers ruin the group.

Still not sure on something? Just message an admin and we’ll be happy to help!