7 Incredible Reasons You Should Visit Bureside Holiday Park

7 Incredible Reasons You Should Visit Bureside Holiday Park

Set in the heart of the Norfolk Broads Bureside Holiday Park is first-class when it comes to camping and caravanning. These are seven incredible reasons to visit this unforgettable location.

1. You’ll Find Peace and Adventure all in One Place.

Situated amongst lush dazzling marshlands, diverse vegetation, and sprawling woodlands all contrasted against a canvas of large open skies, Bureside Holiday Park is the perfect relaxing escape from the city.

It is also the ideal setting for adventurous exploration of the breath-taking Norfolk Broads. Sometimes referred to as ‘the Venice of the East’, the Norfolk Broads are intertwined by more miles of waterway than both Venice and Amsterdam. As you’ll see, this beautiful setting offers opportunities for unbeatable countryside walks, thrilling cycles, and luxurious boat rides.

2. You’ll be Immersed in an Abundance of Breath-Taking Scenery.

While staying at Bureside Holiday Park you’ll be centred in one of the most famous man-made broads, and an incredible national park that stretches across over 100 miles.

Here there is no shortage of beautiful natural sights. Endless waterways carving through the stunning English countryside are coupled with quaint little towns and villages to make for a unique and magnificent visual experience. All of these incredible sights are at your doorstep at the Bureside Holiday Park.

3. You’ll be Surrounded by Amazing Wildlife.

One of the best parts of travelling to new places is becoming at one with nature and getting up close with the area's wildlife. Bureside Holiday Park is the perfect base for your Norfolk nature experience.

One of the must see natural sights of the area are the adorable seals. Blakeney Point is home to the biggest colony of grey seals in England. The colony is said to be as big as 2500 seals!

These delightful and curious creatures are often intrigued by the sail boats cruising past the beach. Sometimes the seals will swim close to the boats, which makes for an incredible opportunity for some special photographs of these wonderful animals.

The baby seals are especially cute with their fluffy white fur coats. The best opportunities to see the cute little pups are between the months of November and January when the mother seals give birth to their young. You might also be lucky enough to see the impressive bull seals fighting for territory during the months of mating.

4. You’ll Have the Best Time Sailing the Beautifully Intricate Waterways.

Many of the best parts of the Norfolk Broads cannot be reached by land. So, the best way to explore it is to sail its elaborate waterways.

Travelling the waterways really makes for an exciting adventure as you discover hidden escapes that make for superb fishing spots and great places to get up close and personal with some truly magnificent wildlife.

The famous water cruisers of the Norfolk Broads are such a great experience, even during the cold winter months this is a great experience as many of the modern boats offer all the luxuries and comforts of a little home.

Along the way there are several places where you can cast anchor and switch to land so that you can stroll through the wonderful towns, shop at the quaint village markets, and grab a local brew at a picturesque English pub.

5. You’ll Have a Magnificent Birdwatching Experience.


The Norfolk Broads are not only known as the Venice of the East, but also as the birdwatching capital of England.

Birdwatching enthusiasts or those who are just keen for a unique wildlife experience need look no further. The nature reserves of the broads are a nature lover’s paradise as they are home to countless species of birds that are truly amazing to witness.

As you explore the nature epicentres of the Norfolk Broads you’ll be witness to the most incredible natural masterpieces as you hear the magical symphonies of the birds nested in the entangled woodlands. This all at your doorstep while staying at Bureside Holiday Park.

 6.You’ll Have Miles of Beautiful Coastline and Beaches to Explore.

During your stay at Bureside Holiday Park you’ll also have the luxury of almost 100 miles of picturesque coastline and beach to enjoy and explore.

Here you will be spoiled with choice of serene, unsoiled, and quiet beaches that are great for a couple’s romantic getaway or a charming family day trip.

7. You’ll Experience Outstanding Walks and Cycling.

Being immersed in the centre of the amazing Norfolk Broads National Park has its advantages. Not only do you have miles and miles of spectacular waterways to explore, but you also have a seemingly endless number of walkways and cycling paths to traverse through as well.

Riding though the meandering pathways of this scenic countryside is a very satisfying and soul cleansing experience. It is such a great disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life and the 9 to 5 work week that many of us have to endure to pay the bills.

Its such a gratifying feeling as the fresh country air touches your face, the sounds of the birds chirping, and the crunching leaves and soft soil giving way under your bike tires flood your senses. You feel really at peace as you explore the beautiful paths of the Norfolk Broads with no real aim, but to escape into nature and immerse yourself amongst all the natural life that this special place has to offer.

All the paths are well marked and maintained so all you have to do is choose a direction and enjoy an amazing experience amongst a truly remarkable and special location.

Once you’re finished for the day you can make your way back to Bureside Holiday Park and rest your feet and enjoy the relaxing vibes of this amazing place to stay.

With the fresh country air, clear serene water and endless stretches of beautiful coastline, staying at the Bureside Holiday Park and exploring the Norfolk Broads is an experience like no other.

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