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GDome Review - 6 Reasons This Should Be Your Next GoPro Accessory

Ryan RielComment
GDome Review - 6 Reasons This Should Be Your Next GoPro Accessory

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Taking those breath-taking under and over water shots you’ve been seeing on Instagram has never been easier now with the GDome Housing for GoPro. This new dive housing unit from GDome has made taking these unique GoPro shots easier than ever! 

Still not convinced? Here’s 6 reasons why the GDome should be your next GoPro accessory.

1. High Quality Design and Materials

There are several underwater housing domes on the market to choose from, but what really sets GDome apart from the competition is the high-class materials used in its simple, but superior design. GDome does not use the low-quality security camera domes that many of the cheaper options seem to use. These cheaper domes, although more cost effective, do not prevent unwanted reflections that will more often than not ruin the perfect shot. GDome provides its users with a high quality balanced dome that prevents unwanted reflections with its front face matte finish. GDome’s superior housing is so high-quality that they claim it can even be held up under the weight of a 2-tonne truck. On top of this, they also pressure test every GDome unit to 5 Bar (40 meters / 133 Feet) before they ship it out of the factory. This further guarantees that you won’t experience a leak when creating your content. If that doesn’t convince you of the quality, I don’t know what would! 

2. Superior Quality, but Affordable

Despite the superior design and industry leading optics that GDome provides, the introductory Basic V2.0 GDome PDS model for the GoPro Hero 5/6 Black is only $59 (£45). When you get something built so well at such an affordable price, it’s really hard to say no. The next model with the super suit lens-on housing runs for a reasonable $99 (£85). GDome also states that: “Using your GoPro’s near infinite depth of field and wide-angle lens make getting high quality video and stills remarkably easy to get versus $2000 DSLR setups that face the complexity of accounting for depth of field, focus and exposure”.

To get your hands on one or for any of the other models click on the links below. You can also get yourself FREE one-day Prime deliveryif ordering from the UK.

GDome Hero 4/3+/3 Professional Dome System Housing Waterproof Case

GDome For GoPro Session Cameras Professional Dome System

GDome for Hero 5 Super Suit Professional Dome System Waterproof Case

GDome Neoprene Cover

GDome Replacement Dome Lens for PDS GDome

3. Simple and Easy to Use

The elusive 50/50 shot is elusive no more. With the GDome you can capture stunning under-over split shots with ease. The perfectly designed 160mm dome housing effectively keeps the waterline away from the GoPro’s lens. As the dome pushes the waterline away it produces the space that is needed to capture those supercool 50/50 under-over shots. All with the simple click of the GoPro’s capture button.

What’s also very useful is the fact that the wide dome housing also helps to avoid water droplets from ruining your shots. It’s simple really. The 160mm dome makes any pesky water droplet appear as a small unobtrusive dot in the field of view, whereas if there was no dome the water droplet would cover the majority of the GoPro’s lens cap. This would of course completely ruin any chance of capturing an epic shot.

4. Good for Any Advanced Open Water Dive 

The GoPro Hero 5 Black in the GoPro Super Suit Dive Housing is depth rated to 130ft or 40m, which means it’s good for pretty much any advanced open water dive. The GDome also doesn’t use any silicone or glue to create its seal. Instead it uses ingenious O-Ring compression seals to completely seal the dome and essentially make it impenetrable to any water leaks.    

5. Easy to Clean, Maintain, and Upgrade

What’s also great about the GDome is the ability to completely detach, disassemble, and deep clean the professional dome system. As the housing is entirely constructed out of detachable parts it is incredible easy to fully dissemble the GDome, clean, and service. For this same reason it is also extremely easy to replace damaged parts and/or upgrade the housing with different mounts or extensions arms.

6. The Results Are Amazing

Have a look for yourself. GDome had transformed the way underwater photos are being taken has made taking 50/50 split shots accessible to everyone. Here are a few examples of some amazing shots.

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