Huel Review - 8 Reasons You Need to Try It

Huel Review - 8 Reasons You Need to Try It

Huel claims that their mission is to provide a nutritionally complete food that is convenient, affordable, and ‘eco-friendly’. But how does it stack up against other meal replacement powder foods on the market? We put Huel to the test and have come up with 8 reasons you should give this ‘super-convenient nutritionally complete food’ a try. 

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1. It Tastes Good!

Hallelujah. Finally, a powdered food that tastes good without being loaded with sugar. This is probably one of the most important things when it comes to these ‘protein-powder’ type foods. It is so good to have a powder that doesn’t taste like a tub of chemicals and actually tastes like it is made from good naturally sourced ingredients. The fact that Rachel likes the taste of Huel says a lot. She is extremely picky and won’t stomach anything she doesn’t completely love the taste of. Well done Huel, well done. I personally love the original vanilla flavour, but there are also flavour boosts you can add to your shake. There are 11 different flavour boosts to try:

Mocha (this is Rachel’s favourite)

Mint Chocolate


Pineapple and Coconut



Matcha Tea

Rhubarb and Custard





2. Nutritionally Complete Food

Huel is a powdered food that contains everything you need to help you live a healthy active lifestyle.

It contains all of the:


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3. Environmentally Friendly

Going green? Looking for a more ethical and responsible way of eating without becoming vegan? Huel claims to be environmentally friendly because their powdered food has a long shelf life and is made of ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients that includes:

Gluten-free oats

Pea protein

Brown rice protein 


Sunflower oil

Coconut flower

This is quite an important issue for us, especially with all the plastic waste that comes from single-use plastic packaging. According to Friends of Earth‘1 billion black plastic food trays go to landfill each year’. That is abysmal. Any small part that a brand can do to be a bit greener is always a tick in the pro’s column for us. 


4. Cruelty Free Food

In addition to be environmentally friendly, Huel also does not contain animal products. Whether you’re a vegan advocate or not the fact that you don’t need to worry about animal cruelty is always a huge bonus for us. 

5. Money Saver

Although £45 for 3.5kg bag of Vanilla Flavoured Huelseems a bit pricey at first glance, when your properly break it down per meal it is actually very cost-effective.  This 3.5kg bag of Vanilla Flavoured Huelcan make 28 meals. So, if you do the math it works out to around £1.60 per meal. Not bad, considering a Tesco meal deal costs £3 and is probably one of the cheapest meals you can get in London. 

6. Time Saver

This is huge for us. Between our full-time jobs, managing the blog, our Instagram, the print shopand our part-time digital marketing consultingwe have little to no time to food prep for the week. It’s hard enough to make sure we have a healthy dinner and cook every night. So any time that we can save, while still ensuring we have a health breakfast or lunch is amazing. With Huel you can literally whip up a complete meal with all of the essential nutrients you need in 2 minutes. Not to mention that the clean-up is super quick as well. No cooking, no prep, and a quick clean up? We’re sold.

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7. Good for Weight Loss

Huel is a great supplement and is a great way to lose weight. It is simple, uncomplicated, and you know the exact number of calories you are consuming. Weight loss is a simple equation of calories in vs calories out, and Huel makes this a whole lot easier. They’ve got a simple guide to weight loss herethat you might want to check out.  Rachel regularly replaces meals with a shaker of Huel and sees the pounds quickly shed off.


8. Good for Weight Gain

Wait, what? How can it be good for both weight loss and weight gain? It’s simple really… instead of replacing a full meal with Huel, have one in addition to the meal. I use it in this way and it is great. The fact that it tastes good and is rather light makes it easy to stomach. It is also the only shake I have ever had that doesn’t do a number on my stomach! Hence the reason why I’ve taken the time to write a post about it. I really do love it. 

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