5 Amazing Reasons to Visit Little Hawk Lake

5 Amazing Reasons to Visit Little Hawk Lake

Vacationing on Ontario Lakes during the summer provides the perfect mix of activity and relaxation. With beautiful stretches of still water and lush evergreen forests it's the perfect place to have a great time with family and friends.

Situated amongst the lakes of Halburton, Ontario is the beautiful Little Hawk Lake.

We stayed with our Canadian family in their gorgeous and secluded cottage which is perched on a perfect spot along the lake. Ryan had told me that Canadians often visit the lakes during the summer so I was excited to experience this for myself, and get a taste of the great outdoors of Canada.

After 4 days I was sold on cottage life!

Here are 5 reasons to rent a cottage and vacation on Little Hawk Lake.

1. It's perfectly secluded.

Just us and the trees 🌲

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If you live in the city like us, you get used to the hustle and bustle of every day life. The traffic, the noise, the constant fast pace and the crowds of people everywhere you go. Sometimes you need to get away and be in real seclusion to clear your mind and relax. The only noise you'll hear on Little Hawk Lake is the occasional boat or jet-ski in the distance, and you will find yourself becoming at one with nature instantly.

Most cottages on the lake are only accessible by boat, so you really are in your own world. Click here for more info on the Big Hawk Lake marina including boat rentals. We had Wi-Fi at the cottage where we stayed but we really didn't spend a lot of time on our phones and had a great time playing board games, talking with family and eating some great food.

2. The activities are endless.

There was no opportunity to get bored during our stay. One morning we kayaked to Big Hawk Lake (another closeby lake), which was the perfect way to start the day (and a major arm workout!). Kayaking is a great way to exercise at the lake and it's also a unique way to view the beauty around you.

We also spent a lot of time swimming, riding around the lake by jetski, and taking trips in the boat with a huge donut which we could all sit in as a group. We loved starting fires and making smores, playing ball games on the beach at the front of the house, and having diving competitions off the deck. Basically you can do as little or as much as you like on your lake vacation.

Floating the deep blue πŸ’¦

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3. There's nothing more peaceful than being out in the water.

Morning kayak on the lake πŸ›ΆπŸŒ…

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Kayaking out into the lake was a unique experience for me. At one point I stopped rowing and just sat and embraced the beauty around me. The  still water was so peaceful and the forests lining the lake were absolutely gorgeous. This escape into nature provided a special clarity and it was the perfect way to unwind. The water was clean and deep, and although it is one of the smaller lakes, the stretches of water are vast. It's also a great way to catch sun rays if that's your thing!

4. You can go back to basics.

Leave your tech at home and spend time just talking to people, having debates, cooking together and playing games. After a few hours you'll already be feeling more relaxed and connected with the people around you. We all need a break from our phones, laptops, tablets and all of the other devices we get addicted to at home.

You have to be prepared for your lake trip, because you can't easily pop out to a store and you definitely can't order take out. We were lucky enough to have delicious food cooked for us by family but you have to bring all of your food with you and be prepared to cook up a storm.

5. The views are stunning.

The landscapes in this part of the world are truly beautiful. It is untouched nature at it's finest. We had rain on some days which was dramatic, but when the sun comes out and shimmers across the lake you can't help but be outside.

If you're planning a lake trip and want to know more about renting a cottage on Little Hawk Lake or Big Hawk Lake, check out www.cottagesincanada.com or www.cottagecarerentals.com. It's also worth giving Airbnb a try!

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