Rachamankha Chiang Mai - The Best Boutique Hotel in Chiang Mai

Rachamankha Chiang Mai - The Best Boutique Hotel in Chiang Mai

Tucked away in a quiet side street in the old city of Chiang Mai is the elegant boutique hotel of  Rachamankha Hotel Chiang Mai - city center .   This 4.5-star hotel has all the elegance, charm and amenities of a 5-star hotel.   Its superb location is within walking distance to four of the most notable temples in Chiang Mai (out of 33). 

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We were absolutely taken with the Chinese architecture, open courtyards and overall character of the hotel.   The staff was fantastic! The service we received here was impeccable and first class.   Oh, and the loyal guests they have.   

After settling into our beautiful room, we went to have a “cheeky” one (as my husband would say) in the library lounge.  While sipping our cocktails we met a very interesting couple who hale from London but are of both of Russian decent (one of our favorite parts of travelling is the people you meet).   This couple has been spending their New Year’s holiday at Rachamankha for the last 7 years!  Apparently, the hotel throws quite the NYE party which of course we will be attending.

The pool looked so inviting I so wish we had more time to take a dip.  I did however, take full advantage of a traditional Thai massage in their open-air massage pavilion located just at the far end of the pool.  

They even have a full menu of DVD’s that you can choose to check out for the evening should you choose to stay in for the evening!  This is fantastic when you need a night to just chill and relax.


Happy New Year from Rachamankha!

As alluded to above one of the things this fantastic hotel is known for is their big NYE bash.   One has to purchase additional tickets to attend but it’s completely worth it.  The hotel transforms their gated graveled parking lot into a magical red-carpet experience.   The stage is set, the lights are hung, the piano player plays and the champagne flows.  

Guests photos are taken by a professional photographer against a Rachamanka logo backdrop.  Very Hollywood premier like (We’re so fancy).  Your tickets are taken, and you are escorted to your assigned (private) table.  We are served our first round of bubbly, cheers and take to our feet to see the buffet of goodies that have been laid out before us.

So many different food stations!  There are so many things to chose from it’s hard to know where to start. But start we did and then we went back for seconds, thirds and there may have been a fourth time (there were a lot of unique deserts, don’t judge).

During our rather enjoyable dining experience we were also entertained with traditional Thai dancing.  This of course was one of the highlights of the evening.  The intricacy of not only the costumes but the dancing itself was awe inspiring. 

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Following up our dapper piano player and our stunning Thai dancers was a local cover band.  As one who likes to get down on the dance floor it was just as entertaining to watch and enjoy everyone else shaking their groove thang.  

The night was perfect!  Which of course it needed to be as it was my 40th birthday after all.  Which is important not because it is a significant milestone in my life but because it leads to an event that solidifies the class and elegance this hotel exudes.    

During the evening the GM of the hotel goes around to every table to thank them for attending.  While visiting our table my husband casually mentions it’s my birthday.  The GM asks me if I received his card.  I, thinking he was being funny, said “oh ya, sure” (wink wink nudge nudge).  Then in all seriousness he really wanted to know if I received his card.  I said no I hadn’t.  

The next day (at a decent hour) we received a call apologizing for missing my birthday and could they drop off some sparkling wine.  The answer is yes, my friends, yes you may drop off the wine.  So, arrives the wine with sincere apologies from the staff and a beautiful card wishing me the happiest of birthdays!

True class and customer service!

Will we be back, absolutely!  Rachamnkha is one of the reasons we fell in love with the city of Chiang Mai.

Safe Travels,

Amber & Julian

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