Our Pembrokeshire Adventure at White Sands Beach

Our Pembrokeshire Adventure at White Sands Beach

Situated on St. Davids Peninsula in Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, White Sands Beach is hands down the best beach that we have ever been to in the United Kingdom. White Sands Beach is a must for anyone visiting Pembrokeshire.


This vast stretch of beach covered with fine white sand curves along the beautiful rocky terrain of St. Davids Head. The beach is a prime location for walkers, swimmers, surfers, canoeists, and pretty much anyone looking for a quiet and scenic beach. 

We arrived to White Sands Beach on a cooler day so we opted out of swimming in the chilly waters that day, but there was so much to see and do that we were not phased in the slightest. We decided to explore Pembrokeshire’s amazing coastal headland and take the 6km trail that took us from St. Davids Chapel to the Coetan Arthur - a Neolithic burial chamber dating from as far back as 4000BC. Along the way we walked atop several plateaus and rock formations that opened up to the most epic views.

Along the way expect to see hundreds of amazing outcrops of jagged volcanic rock that are millions of years old. In the distance you'll see several silhouetted islands miles out in the deep blue sea. You'll descend into valleys that open themselves up to isolated little beaches that you can choose to be your own private beach for the day. Here you'll be able to explore the natural caves that are carved into the ancient stone. After you feel like you've got enough Instagram content (check out ours here), whip out your picnic blanket, crack open your Tupperware containers, and enjoy  the most scenic beach picnic you'll probably ever have!

Pembrokeshire, Wales

Once your bellies are full you can carry on through rhos pastures and purple moor marshes, you'll cross over streams, and spot wonderful flocks of birds fly over head. Eventually you'll reach the peak of the trail atop Pen Beri. From here you'll be able to look out into Cardigan Bay and you'll see blue waters, a lighthouse, and if you're lucky enough even dolphins! Although we did not catch any sight of dolphins we were content with the view of Garn Fawr peak in the distance. After taking in the views you'll descend back onto the coast path and pass through Coetan Arthur until you eventually return to Porth Melgan where you can easily find your way back to the main section of White Sands Beach.

This was such an amazing experience for the both of us and we highly recommend it as a good day trip if you are ever in Pembrokeshire! If you don't have it on the list, you've made a mistake somewhere. Get it on there, its a must!

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