Arvo Watches Review - Why This Should Be Your Next Watch

Arvo Watches Review - Why This Should Be Your Next Watch

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If you love to support local and genuine family-owned brands that also happen to produce quality products, Arvo is the watch brand for you. Founded in Salt Lake City, UT, a tight-knit team has grown the brand into what it is today. What’s more, the brand donates a small amount from every watch sale to charities and projects all over the globe, which is a result of living and breathing their motto; Be Good. Do good. Through this, they’ve managed to remain ingrained in its communities on a deeper level.  

So when you purchase a watch from Arvo, you can feel good knowing that some of your money will go towards things like clothing the homeless, educating people and children living in third-world countries, helping people fight battles with cancer, or funding many of the other worthy causes that Arvo partners with and supports.

Alright, so you know the brand’s story and their mission. But what about the actual products?

Let’s take a look at an old-time favourite, The Good Samaritime.

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As one of their very first watches, and perhaps the flagship watch for the Arvo brand and their “giveback” movement, this model has now been developed in a 2.0 version to feature even more specifications than the first model.

People who have tried this watch rave about its quality, specifically how the design is very sophisticated. Another important feature is how lightweight the watch is, which means that you don’t feel a bulky and heavy weight on your arm. Pair this with the 3 ATM water resistance feature, and you can go about your day without the worry of being weighed down or having to protect your watch at all costs. When it comes to measurements, this watch has 38mm to 43mm diameter and 7mm case thickness.

For such a reasonable price, you’ll be surprised at the quality of the watch and in particular the genuine leather band, which surprisingly doesn’t crinkle easily like some other watch bands tend to. The sleek, brushed stainless steel and unisex design of the watch means it looks great on anyone and with any outfit. The design also stays true to the brand’s minimalist approach. While the black leather is a popular option, if you’d prefer a colour other than the black leather, the quick-release band style means you can switch out the band with other preferences. Arvo offers brown stitched, black stitched, regular black leather, and silver options which each compliment this beautiful watch and its red second hand.   

If you want a watch that is great value for money, that makes you feel good, and that actually allows you to make a difference by donating to some incredible causes around the world, The Good Samaritime is the perfect fit. Purchase The Good Samaritime today or check out their other styles here.

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