10 Expert Tips for Airport Travel

10 Expert Tips for Airport Travel

We went to the gram to ask our favourite travel bloggers what their top tips were for making their airport experience less stressful. What they came up with was priceless.

1. Stroll through secruity by being preparred.

The beautiful twosome Brittany and Louis said:


"Watch your timing. We like to show up with just enough time to get us to the gate and board. We don't like to feel rushed, but we also don't like to sit and stew for an hour before boarding. The trick is when you walk into the airport, you should be prepared to go through security. Have your belts, bracelets, phones, wallets, keys and anything you may have to remove all in one location so you don't have to fumble around for them. This helps to expedite the process and get you to the gate faster!"

Blog: lifestyledbytwo.co 

Instagram: @lifestyledbytwo

2. Get on the plane quickly by being organised.

A tip from a pro here! Our favourite international flight attendant Sarah had this to say:


"Make sure you have all your documents, flight and travel details sorted out in place. Download apps that send notifications in case changes occur such as your flight or travel tour. Most airlines have these apps in place. Also, I always find getting to the airport an hour or so earlier helps calm the anxiety as you can casually check in, check your belongings and sit down to enjoy a well deserved pre-holiday cuppa!"

Blog: travellinglikeanaquarius.com

Instagram: @travellinglikeanaquarius

3. Sit with a local to get tips for your location.

Mary, an amazing wardrobe stylist and blogger said:


"My tip for making airport travel less stressful is twofold. First, make sure you have all your travel paperwork and plane tickets photocopied so you don't have to worry about losing any documents. Keep those documents securely tucked away in your carryon for emergency situations. Second, if you are traveling to a foreign country for the first time, ask the concierge of your airline if they can partner you with someone on your flight who is either native to that country or has visited many times. It is so helpful to be paired with someone who is familiar with your destination—even if it is just to aid you through the airport on your arrival!"

Blog: capturinghappiness.co

Instagram: @capturinghappiness.co

4. Always check-in online.

Rose, an insightful ex-corporate PR girl turned yoga teacher said:


"Always check in online in advance—not only to make things go more smoothly once you get to the airport, but also to avoid hidden fees. Some airlines, like Ryanair in Europe, charge a fee in you haven't checked in before getting to the airport. Cost me 50 euros!"

Blog: arosecoloredworld.com 

Instagram: @a_rosecolored_world

5. Leave early and travel light.

Prosthetist/Orthotist by day and blogger by night! Natalie our travelling foodie friend said:


"I'm quite an angsty person when it comes to travelling and so get very nervous about flying. I always imagine the worst case scenario - arriving late, missing check in, losing my bag, falling out of the sky! You know, the usual. To combat my nerves, I always leave plenty of time to arrive (yes I am that person who will panic even though we're heading to the airport 4 hours early) and I've mastered the art of travelling minimally so that I can use carry on luggage so my bag never leaves me sight. Also, it's much easier to run if it ever came to that! Haha. I'm also a huge lover of Sudokus to pass the time, they never get boring."

Blog: thedelicatefoodie.com 

Instagram: @thedelicatefoodie

6. Avoid hunger and pack some snacks.

She's ginger and she's Canadian! What's not to like? Here's what Kelsey had to say:


"Arrive with enough time. Make sure you have already checked your carry on for restricted items and get your liquids sorted in advance. Snacks, ALWAYS have snacks, an empty water bottle and I always carry rescue remedy to help easy my anxiety as I double hate flying and waiting."

Blog: gingerwithapassport.wordpress.com 

Instagram: @ginger.with.a.passport

7. Research the airport that your transferring through.

Our favourite Kansas girl Ariel said:


"Research the airport you are flying into before you go. It makes it easier to get around and know where you are going. In terms of suitcases, since some look very similar, tie a bow or something around the handle to make yours stand out."

Blog: differentframeofmind.wordpress.com 

Instagram: @differentframeofmindblog

8. Travel with Global Entry.

The wandering anthropologist Sash said:

Wandering Sash.jpg

"My best travel tip is to get Global Entry. Our saying is “Global Entry for the WIN!” as we fly by hundreds of people standing in line for customs and immigration on Christmas day. We get off the plane and outside within 5 minutes! Also, BRING A PEN!! They will not have one on the plane and you need it for customs documents, which you don’t want to fill out when you land!"

Blog: wanderingsash.com 

Instagram: @wanderingsash 

9. Download useful travel apps on your phone.

Janine and Janice our favourite Mrs and Mrs couple said this:


"We are always super early because you never know what could happen. Having the time to figure things out can relieve some of that stress.  We only travel with hand luggage. Be as minimalist as possible!  We also use an app called TripIt. It combines all your reservations such as flight reservations, hotels and car hire, from your gmail account, and bunches them together in a little folder. It's really easy to find all your reservations and saves you time too! Oh and make sure everything is fully charged the night before!"

Blog: hitchhikinginheels.com 

Instagram: @hitchhikinginheels

10. Stay lose and stretch before your flight.

Samantha, globe trotting health and wellness instructor said:

Vibrant Yogini.jpg

"My best tip for making the airport experience less stressful is to practice a few simple yoga stretches while focusing all your attention to your breathing. This helps to reduce the heart rate and prepare the body for the negative affects of flying. I made a guide for the stretches on this blog post here: www.vibrantyogini.com/airport-travel-yoga"

Blog: vibrantyogini.com 

Instagram: @vibrant_yogini

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