7 Reasons Luxury Glamping Should Be Your Next Couples Getaway

7 Reasons Luxury Glamping Should Be Your Next Couples Getaway

A post by Peter Rickloff

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Glamping is becoming increasingly appealing of late, and now's never been a better time to give it a go for you and your significant other if you haven't already! Glamping takes the best of both worlds and pairs the adventure of camping with the luxury of hotel accommodation.

If you aren't quite sure what glamping is, think of it as luxury camping. Often accommodations will include at least a queen sized bed; you will have heat or air conditioning if you need it along with running water and regular toilets.

1. Glamping is the Best of Both Worlds

Ryan and Rachel take turns planning trips alternating between luxury and adventure. With glamping, both win! There is as much or as little roughing it as you prefer, so you can hike all day and come back to a comfortable bed!

2. Glamping Can Be Very Private

A lot of glamping options are very secluded giving you a lot of privacy. You won't have noisy neighbors in paper-thin walls or guests above you having a rave at 4 in the morning; it will likely just be you and your partner.


3. Glamping Forces You to Disconnect

As the accommodations are often so secluded, mobile phone service is usually not very good. We looked at this as a positive during our recent weekend glamping trip. Disconnecting from social media allowed us to spend more quality time with each other rather than on our phones.

4. Glamping is Very Romantic

As you're spending real quality time disconnected from the outside world, and you have this fantastic private place all to yourself, a glamping trip is very romantic! I would argue that the two days in a luxury treehouse were more romantic than the five days we spent in the Maldives a couple of years ago!

5. Each Glamping Accommodation is Different

If you've stayed at chain hotels around the world, you'll notice that many of them look and feel the same. There isn't much variety even between different brands. With glamping, you can search Airbnb and find some pretty amazing venues, from treehouses to huge tents to even a Hobbit House!


6. You Are Always in a Beautiful Location When You're Glamping

Not only are the unique accommodations beautiful, but the nature and landscapes that surround them are beautiful. It's nearly impossible to go glamping and not come back feeling good and inspired from your stay.

7. Glamping Can Increase Happiness

Studies have shown that the more time you spend in nature, the happier you will be. Being in nature can improve sleep, lower stress levels, relieve muscle tension, and even reduce chronic pain and inflammation. So if you go glamping, you can improve both your physical and mental health!

There are so many more reasons why glamping is a perfect getaway for couples, but hopefully, these seven reasons are enough to inspire you to give it a try! If you enjoy posts like this, please head over to our blog and check it out. Our goal at Passports to Life is to get people to embrace their wanderlust and see the world.

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