NOMAD Charging Wallet Review

NOMAD Charging Wallet Review

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Nomad is a modern brand that, true to its name, creates products for a ‘nomad’ lifestyle. That is, they pride themselves on providing items that are durable, portable, and resourceful, for consumers who are avid travellers.

Nomads are constantly on-the-go, off chasing adventure and the like. This brand worships that, but they also preach that they are more than just a brand name, and carry a philosophy with them that focuses on being minimalistic and resourceful. By making the most out of the things we have available to us, and producing products that have the durability to last, the Nomad brand can truly embrace adventure. And they do.

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For instance, take the Nomad slim charging wallet as an example. When we are travelling, we know all too well that we don’t always have access to electrical power. And with the age of digital technology, this can be a problem when we need to charge our digital devices. Luckily, if you own an iPhone 5 or higher, we have some great news for you.

With a Nomad slim charging wallet, you get two-in-one: a wallet, and the ability to charge your phone using an essential item that you already carry around with you. This means you can pack lighter and not worry about having an extra charger on hand. With its Lithium Ion battery, the Nomad charging wallet is designed for one full iPhone charge.

Aside from the amazing function, you also get great quality and you don’t have to compromise on style, either. The Nomad charging wallet is made using Horween leather from the USA, which is vegetable-tanned from one of their oldest tanneries. It’s a modern take on a classic look, which is relatively timeless and sure to last. Not to mention the durability of the leather, which is not treated with any synthetic sealants, only natural oils and waxes. It is recommended you use a quality leather conditioner to help protect and look after this kind of leather.  

Perhaps the greatest thing about this wallet is its slim and innovative design. As it’s small enough to carry around with you, it helps you pack light for adventures, while also having the capacity to hold about 6 cards, as well as cash. It’s a lot lighter than carrying a heavyweight spare charger or charging phone case and you’re bound to notice the difference. Meanwhile, the charging element of the wallet isn’t inherently obvious, so it doesn’t take away from the great exterior design.

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If you’re after a wallet that is built to last, and that has an added bonus of helping your charge your phone battery when it’s running low, then the Nomad charging wallet is for you. For the price, this is a very good buy for someone who doesn’t carry a lot of cash on them. However, if you do, the charging wallet also comes in a bi-fold design which has more capacity. Either way, you’ll have invested in a wallet that is both stylish and convenient, from a brand who backs your adventures and a passion for resourcefulness.

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